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2023 All Star Manager Application

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2023 QHLL All Star Commitment Form 


This agreement is entered for the purpose of explaining All-Star / Tournament play and defining the terms and conditions of player, parent and manager/coach participation. In consideration of the mutual promise of all players to play to the best of their ability, the parents to support the player positively, the manager and coaches to supervise all team activities responsibly and the Board of Directors of Quartz Hill Little League to sponsor the All-Star Tournament Team; all parties understand and agree as follows: 

1) All Star / Tournament Procedure and Eligibility – All-Stars is a separate team and tournament from the regular Little League season and comes under separate tournament rules and guidelines as defined in the International Little League Official Regulations & Rules. All-Stars is considered post season tournament play and the emphasis is on developing players to win highly competitive tournaments. All teams begin play at the District level with possibility to advance to Sectional, Divisional, Regional and National tournaments. Players are selected based on their eligibility (age), playing skills and availability. A player must also have participated in at least sixty percent (60%) of the eligible regular season games. The age criterion is defined as the player's age on April 30th of the current season for baseball and January 1st of the current season for softball. 

2) Team Selection - All players that complete an application will be eligible to be included on their regular season team’s nomination ballot which is completed by the Division Player Agent. Final selection of the team is determined by the nomination ballot, input from the Player Agent, Division League Managers, and All-Star Team Manager. For additional information regarding the selection process, please refer to the Quartz Hill Little League All-Star Tournament Manual. 

3) Conditions of Accepting Nomination to All Stars - This agreement contains the conditions of participation for each player and their parent or parents and the team manager. Each must understand and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.  Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action taken against the violating participant and could result in suspension or dismissal from the team as approved by the Board of Directors. 

a) Player Commitment – Your potential selection to an All-Star team is not a right, but a privilege. You are expected to play fair and to strive to win, but also represent QHLL and its community with honor and good sportsmanship. You will be positive and motivational to your fellow players, respectful of the coaching staff, all parents, tournament officials, umpires, and everyone you encounter as a QHLL All-Star Player.

b) Player Participation - In All-Stars, the mandatory play requirements are as follows for the 9–10-Year-Old Division, 10–11-Year-Old Division, Little League, Intermediate (50-70) Division and Junior League: continuous batting order will be followed. Seniors have no minimum play requirement. No guarantees are made to anyone as to a specific amount of playing time. The manager and coaches of the team will make that determination. Your position on the field and in the batting order, will be earned through hard work, ability, a positive mental attitude, and specific needs in each game situation as determined by the manager and coaches of the team. You will attend all tournament games and are expected to be part of the team for the duration of tournament play. Participation in practices, team meetings and tournaments need to take absolute priority over all sports that the player decides to participate in during the post season. If a player elects to participate in another sport, without the disclosure to the manager, they may be removed from the team roster and dropped from the team in accordance with the dismissal conditions below. 

c) Practices will be held according to the schedule established by the coaching staff. Multiple practices may be held on selected days. Each player will commit to participate in all practices unless prior notice and permission is obtained from the manager. Depending on the division there may be less than two weeks allowed for preparation before play begins. 

d) Absences - The Board of Directors has suggested that only three (3) excused absences may occur during the practice time, and none during the tournaments. Any absences must be approved in advance by the manager. No unexcused absences are allowed, and you will be subject to removal from the team following an unexcused absence. 

e) Dismissal - The Board of Directors reserves the right to dismiss any player for a violation of the above referenced rules and conditions regarding attendance and player participation. The coaching staff and the Board of Directors will deal with circumstances beyond the control of the player such as illness, injury, or family emergency in an appropriate manner. Any player dismissed for any reason deemed justifiable by the Board of Directors will be replaced if required. The Board also reserves the right to limit participation or dismiss a player, manager or coach, and parents for actions the Board deems inappropriate or unbecoming an All-Star player, parent, and manager or coach. 

f) Documentation and Fees - To participate in tournament play, every player is required to provide a copy of their Certificate of Live Birth. Each player must also provide documents which prove their eligibility within the Leagues boundaries. Any corrections or missing documentation will be collected by the Division Player Agent. Each player selected to an All-Star team must pay a $100 volunteer deposit and a $100 Tournament Player fee. For parents to receive their $100 volunteer deposit they must complete their volunteer duties (umpire duties, field setup/take down, scoreboard, scorekeeper, snack bar) Credit values are indicated in the All-Star handout. 

g) Parental Commitment - Each parent is a party of this commitment agreement along with the players, manager, and coach as well as the Board of Directors for the purpose of enlisting the common support of everyone involved in All - Star tournament play. All parents agree to adopt the provisions of the Commitment Agreement for the support of team members, the coaching staff, all other parents, the Board of Directors, and anyone else involved in All-Star play. Each parent also agrees to volunteer their time to the League for the purpose of hosting tournaments during the post season. 


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