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2022 All Star Manager Application
Manager Application

2022 All Star Player Application
Player Application

Quartz Hill Little League Families –

All Star Applications are due by Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

The Board of Directors will determine the numbers of teams that will be entered in Tournament Play based on the interest received. Tentatively, QHLL will enter the following teams:


7/8 All-Star Special Games tournament – Two (2) teams comprised of League Age 7- and 8-year-olds
9/10 All-Star tournament – Two (2) teams comprised of League Age 9- and 10-year-olds.
10/11 All-Star tournament – One (1) team comprised of League Age 11-year-olds.
11/12 All-Star tournament – One (2) team comprised of League Age 12-year-olds.


8/9/10 All-Star tournament – One (1) team comprised of League Age 8-, 9-, and 10-year-olds.
11/12 All-Star tournament – One (1) team comprised of League Age 11- and 12-year-olds.

It is Quartz Hill Little League’s goal to provide a consistent and fair process for the selection and managementof our All-Star Teams that represent QHLL.The intention of the process outlined is to fairlyand impartially select the most skilled and competitive teams possible for all levels of Tournament Play.

All-Star teams are selected to represent QHLL in tournaments sponsored by Little League International.The Managers, Coaches, Players, and Parents selected will showcase the best Quartz Hill Little League has to offer both on and off the field.Commitment typically begins in early June and may continue through the endof August depending on the performance of the team.

Tournament schedules are available here: Baseball & Softball

All players are expected to participate in all practices, games, and All-Star non-game functions.Managers, Coaches, Players, and Parents are all expected to conductthemselves in an exemplary manner both on and off the field at all times.Once teams move beyond District51 tournaments, they will represent not only QHLL, but also the communities and Cities of the Antelope Valley.

QHLL All Star players should possess the following attributes:

  • Exemplifies a “Good Sportsmanship” attitude, team spirit, and consistently demonstrates apositive attitude, effort, and team/league commitment.
  • Shows the highest and most consistent ability when executing the fundamentals of the game.
  • Demonstrates respect to all Managers, Coaches, Umpires, and League Volunteers at all times.

To be eligible for nomination, players must:

  • Meet the boundary requirements of Quartz Hill Little Leagueor have an approved waiver stating that eligibility for All Stars has been granted.
  • Have participated in at least eight (8) of the regular season games.
  • Be available for all practices, games, and activities until the All-Star team either wins their final tournament championship or is eliminated.
  • Sign the QHLL All-Star Player Commitment form and disclose any planned absences during the All-Star period (Absence does not disqualify a player but may be taken intoconsideration by the selecting manager).
  • Player and parents must be in good standing with QHLL.

All-Star selection will take place in the next few weeks andwill be announced during the first week of June.

All-Star Managers will be appointed by the President in collaboration with the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for consideration andapproval.

The executive committee will take the following into consideration when forming their recommendation:

  • Final standings of the manager’s team as outlined in the Standing Rules.
  • Manager conduct both on and off the field.
  • Previous All-Star Experience

An All-Star Selection Meeting will take place and all managers will be encouraged to attend and participate.The All-Star selection process will proceed as follows:

  • Each manager will have the opportunity to nominate players from their regular season team that theyfeel should be considered for Tournament play based on the criteria outlined above.
  • Each manager will have an opportunity to nominate players from another team if they believe aplayer was missed.
  • All nominated players will be placed on the nomination board by League Age.
  • Each manager will cast a maximum of (5) votes per League Age within their division.
  • Managers will be dismissed while the President and Secretary count the ballots.
  • Results will be presented to the appointed All-Star Manager, Division Vice President, and Division Player Agent who will then finalize the team.

A maximum of 8 players will be selected based on the manager votes.The remaining roster will be determined by the All-Star Manager and approved bythe division Vice President and Player Agent.

Each player selected to an All-Star team must pay a $100 volunteer deposit and a $75 TournamentPlayer fee.For parents to receive their $100 deposit back, they must complete any combination of the following activities to earn back the deposit.

  • 1 Snack bar shift = $25
  • 1 field prep (remove tarp, water field, paint lines) = $10
  • Score Keeping (book) for 1 game = $25
  • Scoreboard Operation for 1 game = $10

The player and manager/coach applications will need to be submitted on or beforeWednesday, May 18, 2022.Applications should be emailed to [email protected]

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