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Quartz Hill Little League is managed solely by volunteers dedicating their time to providing a strong baseball and softball program for the local community.  Please be respectful and understand that their time spent is in addition to their professional jobs, managing their families and in many cases their coaching commitments as well. Each volunteer does their best to respond in a timely manner and provide our members with a positive experience.

2021/2022 Quartz Hill Little League Board of Directors
Name Board Position Email
Justin Livesay President Contact experts below
Bill Hargus VP Baseball [email protected]
Jeff Kellogg VP Softball [email protected]
Jen McLaughlin Treasurer [email protected]
Leanne Hargus Secretary [email protected]
Travis Studt UIC [email protected]
Michele Kewley Marketing and Events Coordinator [email protected]
Michele Kewley Information and Communications Officer [email protected]
Leo McConnell Safety Officer [email protected]
Leanne Hargus Registrar [email protected]
Michele Kewley Team Parent Coordinator [email protected]
Jennifer Emenheiser Concessions Director [email protected]
Jason Murawski Minor Softball Player Agent [email protected]
Justin Livesay Major BB Player Agent [email protected]
Bill Hargus Minor BB Player Agent [email protected]
Andy Castro Farm BB Player Agent [email protected]
Justin Livesay Rookie Player Agent (Tball/CP) [email protected]
Frankie Elias Coaching Coordinator [email protected]
Jeff Kellogg Operations Manager [email protected]
Jeff Kellogg Field & Equipment Manager [email protected]
OPEN Head Scorekeeper [email protected]
Michele Kewley Website [email protected]