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Quartz Hill Little League


All participants must either live OR go to school within the Quartz Hill Little League boundary. You can check your address for residency within the boundaries by clicking here Little League Int League Finder

If you choose to use your home address to fulfill the residency requirement, you must submit 3 proofs of residency dated between Feb 1, 2019 and Feb 1, 2020.  

If you attend a school that is within our little league boundary, you can use that school's address to fulfill your residency requirement. You must have been enrolled there since the beginning of the school year (specifically prior to Oct 1, 2018). NOT ALL WESTSIDE UNION SCHOOLS QUALIFY. Schools that qualify are: Rancho Vista, Valley View, Esperanza, Quartz Hill, Gregg Anderson, Hillview MS, Joe Walker MS, SOAR Prep. Players must be full-time students: pre-school, after-school programs etc. do not count. Please fill out the School Enrollment Form (on our website under Registration > Residency Forms) and have it signed by the school administrator. 

Sundown, Del Sur and Desert Christian fall within the West Lancaster Little League boundary. Students attending those schools, who live outside of the Quartz Hill Little League boundary, cannot play for Quartz Hill Little League. The only exception is if there is an older sibling who is also signing up to play this season and who attends Joe Walker, Hillview or SOAR. That older sibling plays under the School Enrollment Form, and the younger sibling gets a sibling Regulation II(d) waiver. Contact [email protected] for help with this process.

If you played for Quartz Hill Little League last year and have moved out of our boundary since then, you are still eligible to play for our league.  Contact [email protected] for the correct waiver.  

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For more information about waivers, please review the information under: Important Forms